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Nextenture, Inc


Nextenture, Inc
Booth # 5216
Norwood, MA
United States

Nextenture elevates labor performance for dozens of leading global retail brands. We deliver faster solution deployments, improve operational processes, and drive greater customer experiences through building in-store micotools for store managers. Our suite of solutions and services include the following:

  • Appointment Booking, which offers a smooth multi-channel experience for customers and allows store managers to effectively schedule in-person sessions for their stores
  • Labor Modeling solutions that drive more accurate sales forecasts, leading to more efficient and effective work schedules
  • Time Studies that ensure labor standard accuracy and consistency across your stores
  • Exception Based Training, which increases labor performance throughout your locations
  • Compliance Watch services that ensure per-district American labor law compliance and save retailers millions in potential non compliance costs

Founded by former workforce management solution executives and retail industry leaders, Nextenture has a track record of success in deploying world class brands and implementing first class solutions.