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Nextail is a smart platform for retail merchandising. Developed by retail experts, it delivers agile data-driven decisions to meet increasing consumer demands. Using Nextail’s AI and advanced analytics, global retailers like Versace, River Island and Pepe Jeans are automating dynamic buying and merchandising. Within weeks, sales and margins increase while stock levels are reduced.


Nextail operates in Spain, Italy, Russia, Brazil, the U.S. and the UK.

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First Allocation

The First Allocation leverages granular data and AI automation to determine the initial amount of product to allocate across channels in order to meet real-time and future demand.
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The Replenishment solution applies granular, hyper-local data and AI automation to anticipate changes in demand in order to maximize the sales probability of each SKU.
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Store Transfers

With the Store Transfers solution, retailers can boost sales at the end of the product’s life cycle and consolidate broken sizes by moving overstock to stores with a higher probability of selling.
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The latest addition to the Nextail solutions portfolio enables retailers to reorder the correct product quantities instead of wasting time on manual and inaccurate processes that traditionally lead to lower margins and waste.
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Engagement: Business intelligence & Store app

Nextail doesn't churn out reports, it integrates these insights back into the customer's systems so that their tasks are ready for execution. And since the data is available on a centralized platform, all levels of the organization can stay informed.