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Nextail is a retail merchandising platform that empowers retailers to sell more with less stock through hyper-local demand forecasting and agile automation. By increasing stock efficiencies across channels, retailers can automate the science of retail and dedicate more time to creative and strategic work.

Customers typically see sales increases up to 10%, 30% lower coverage levels, and 60% fewer stockouts in addition to being able to increase the sustainability of  their operations by reducing leftovers and overproduction.  Nextail works with more than 60 global brands, including River Island, Flying Tiger, Pepe Jeans, and Grupo Suarez.


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First Allocation

Allocate the right products to meet initial weeks of demand and adapt quickly to demand changes to improve availability and maximize sales without sacrificing coverage levels.

Assortment Planning

Define which products to offer at each point of sale and at each point in time to maximize sales and profitability.
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Store Transfers

Boost sales by rebalancing stock among stores and channels while consolidating size sets.
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React quickly to changes in demand, improving availability and maximizing sales while maintaining adequate coverage levels.
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Buy & Reorder

Calculate the sales potential of new SKUs and continuity products through structured and facilitated decision making