Booth # 113

Nexite brings merchandise to life. Passive products are transformed into active digital communicators, delivering  a continuous stream of real-time data.  With Nexite, you can merge the online and offline experience, track the customer journey, optimize revenue based on real-time store insights, and deliver game-changing retail experiences. 

Today, Retail decisions and Customer Experience are mostly driven by past sales and inventory data. Nexite automatically provides real-time data to:
- Offer Stores and HQ Staff visibility into the customer journey: think “Google Analytics” for the physical store. You know which products are generating engagement and which ones have high conversion. You know which store locations may help sell a product and the level of shelf availability at any time. We use this data to optimize Store, Channel and Merchandise decisions.
- Offer customers a frictionless experience: they can shop wherever they are and however they want. They have full transparency on what is available where and they can complete any transaction (buy, pick, return) by themselves or be assisted by staff.