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Bring Performance to Brand Advertising

NewProgrammatic is a next-generation performance advertising platform that helps brands connect with their customers during the search. Our solutions shorten the customer's path to your brand by presenting them with a search query autocomplete suggestion that matches their intent. All that with no cookies involved, making NewProgrammatic a future-proof ad platform that respects user privacy.

As the ads match the customer's search input, we ensure brand-safety by design and proven performance of advertising campaigns. To further guarantee the quality of our service, NewProgrammatic only works with the world's top publishing partners - search engines, browsers, and mobile apps - including Samsung, Xiaomi, Opera, Klarna, Afterpay and many more. 

Looking to monetize the traffic from your website or app?

NewProgrammatic offers easy to implement off-the-shelf solutions for monetizing outbound links and search bars with brand CPC ads. Alternatively, as a team of 10+ years of experience in AdTech, we are happy to work together on a custom-made solution dedicated for you.

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