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MySize Inc.


MySize Inc.
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Measure everything with your smartphone. Meet us & hear how!

MySize, Inc. Nasdaq (MYSZ) TASE (MYSZ) is the creator of smartphone measurement technologies with applications in apparel, e-commerce, DIY, and the parcel industry.

By using Smartphone sensors (NOT THE CAMERA), you can now measure your home, send packages with precise measurements, and enjoy accurate online size shopping the right way- with confidence and without the guesswork. 

Now your shoppers can measure and record their body dimensions accurately using the Smartphone’s sensors and a smart algorithm- with MySizeID.

MySizeID is a user-friendly measurement app that records your measurements in less than a minute. Once completed, it pairs your SizeID to a retailer's size chart, providing a more personalized and exact shopping experience. 

MySizeID is an easy plug and use widget. It can be sync directly to a retailer’s sizing chart and in turn, shows shoppers items in the exact size, for their specific measurements.




MySizeID offers a full solution for e-commerce. We use patented technology and unique algorithms to capture a person’s measurements using smartphone sensors, without the need to use a camera.


SizeUp is a smart tape measure app that lets you measure anything with your smartphone.
A smart tape measure in the palm of your hand!