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MySize Inc.


MySize Inc.
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My Size, Inc. is the developer of a unique sensor-based measurement technology and the owner of several patented algorithms that capture and calculate measurements in different ways. The company’s technology is one of a kind in its agility, fitting our algorithm to different markets and verticals.
My Size released several measurement apps, all created to help different industries maximize their work processes and increase customer loyalty & sales.

Our top products offer solutions for the following markets: 

Apparel - 
MySizeID is a size-recommendation tool based on shoppers' personal body measurements, taken with their smartphone sensors- without using the camera. MySizeID is the perfect solution for fashion retailers to reduce costs and return rates. It will help their shoppers to find the sizes that fit them, on any size chart.

Logistics - 
BoxSize app is a sensor-based measurement solution for the package delivery market. It uses our patented technology to help courier companies increase efficiency by giving their employees a quick & easy tool to measure packages, calculate rates, schedule deliveries and more.