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Muse Inc.
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・MUSE Inc., a Tokyo-based robotics start-up, specializes in developing innovative robots tailored for retail environments.

・We proudly introduce our latest innovations: "Armo," the new store robot, and Eureka system. These advancements are not exclusive to retails but are also accessible to manufacturers and wholesales leading a new era in versatile and accessible robotics.

・What distinguishes our robots from existing solutions? We're advancing a cost-effective, multifunctional star-robot designed for secure navigation within store premises.

・Additionally, our development includes an image data platform, that visualizes retail shelf data.

・Our focus extends beyond deep-tech robot technology; we integrate it with store image data analysis for better inventory control to prevent losses arising from missed sales opportunities.

・Striving for efficiency, we’re optimizing our robots to be lightweight, ensuring safe movement within stores during business hours.  

Press Releases

Store Robot Armo, to Exhibit at the World's Largest Retail Exhibition "NRF2024."

MUSE Inc.(CEO: Yasutaka Kasagi; Head Office: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN), with the mission'INSPIRATION TO THE WORLD WITH ROBOTICS', will exhibit the store robot 'Armo (hereinafter referred to as Armo)' at NRF 2024(National Retail Federation's Retail's Big Show)in booth No.963, held in New York from January 14 (Sun.) to 16 (Tues.). During the exhibition, MUSE Inc. will be showing a demonstration of the actual Armo for the first time at our booth.

MUSE Inc. Pre orders Open for Armo The Store Robot Revitalizing Sales Floors

MUSE Inc.(CEO: Yasutaka Kasagi; Head Office: Shibuya Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN) JAPAN), with the mission'INSPIRATION TO THE WORLD WITH ROBOTICS '', Starting from November 1, 2023 (Wednesday),MUSE Inc. will initiate pre-orders for the store robot 'Armo' ( hereinafter referred to as Armo ) on ourofficial website. Although product shipments are anticipated to commence within 2024, customers who reserve in advance will be prioritized to receive early verification plans in sequential order.
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Store Robot Armo

Store-Optimized,Staff-Collaborating Robots.Multi-purpose for a variety of store tasks and continue to work as a partner to staff throughout business hours.
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Transporting Unit

Armo streamlines store operations and increases staff productivity by automating the transfer of items between the stock room and the shelves during stocking shelves and picking operations for e-commerce.
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Scanning unit

Armo scans product shelves,and the captured images are stored on the Eureka Platform.This enables an accurate grasp of in-store situations without visiting the store,the results are provided along with analysis results such as out of stock on the shelf.
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Guiding Unit

Armo can provide location guidance for shoppers looking for products. It can also help improve the shopping experience by physically guiding shoppers to the location.
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Eureka Platform

Eureka,our In-Store Data Platform, revolutionizes store operation by collecting and analyzing real-time data from various store sources. It enhances customer experiences, optimizes inventory management, and boosts store performance.