Mr. Tortilla, Inc.

Mr. Tortilla, Inc.
Mr. Tortilla, Inc.
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San Fernando, CA
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Late one night in Los Angeles, after grabbing tacos, Anthony and Ronald Alcazar came up with the idea to make tacos healthier. They realized there was no affordable - yet delicious - artisanal tortilla out there. Mass-produced tortillas didn’t taste like the ones they remembered from their childhood, and they definitely weren’t healthy. So why not fill that need?

That night was the beginning of Mr. Tortilla, a business built on the idea that everyone deserves healthy, delicious guilt-free tortillas. They set out to accomplish this goal as recent UCLA graduates.

After many years of development, the Alcazar brothers created the world’s first 1 carb, 15 calorie taco tortilla. They took everything into consideration when making this tortilla, such as size, the perfect flavor, and the right amount of ingredients to create both a filling and delicious product. The company’s low-carb tortillas became a hit staple in the low-carb/keto community and are now #1 best-seller on Amazon.

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Mr. Tortilla’s low-carb products now available at Amazon Fresh nationwide

San Fernando, CALIFORNIA — January 16, 2023 — Mr. Tortilla is now being stocked at Amazon Fresh across the United States. The healthy food brand, known for its sellout one-carb tortillas and keto-friendly products, can be found on Amazon Fresh online. The news marks the latest market expansion of the Southern California company that’s determined to drive a health food revolution full of classic Latin American flavors. 


Mr. Tortilla's Crunchy Chips - Variety Pack

4 Flavors of Mr. Tortilla's Crunchy Chips in one variety pack! (4) 2oz bags of chips, each in a different flavor: Multigrain & Sea Salt, Spicy 3 Chiles, Black Truffle & Sea Salt, & Chile Limon