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MJD Interactive Agency, Inc.


MJD Interactive Agency, Inc.
MJD Interactive Agency, Inc.
San Diego, CA
United States
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Co-Sponsor of the Innovation Lab

It’s the Retailpocalypse™: Innovate or Die. Visit us in the Innovation Lab for a chance to win an Innovation Workshop for your company.

Look around you: Big Show is awash in technological wonder, each advancement presenting both a transformative opportunity and an existential threat to your business.

MJD is the Digital Innovation Agency that will help your retail business navigate this new and challenging world of modern technology. We design and build digital products and experiences used in the store, in the home, and beyond. Customer field research, rapid prototyping, and user testing allow us to conceptualize and build mobile and web applications, experiential retail installations, commerce experiences, and complex omni-channel software services that customers are guaranteed to use and love.

We’ve successfully launched digital products and experiences for leading brands like American Girl, The Container Store, Disney, Stride-Rite, Universal Studios, FTD, and Procter & Gamble. We’d love to do the same for you. Vist for more information and to get in touch.

Show Specials

Win a Free Innovation Workshop (20k value)

Stop by our booth in the Innovation Lab to enter to win a free Innovation Workshop for your company. 

Innovation Workshops are on-site 1/2 day sessions designed around you. Are you a retailer looking to:

  • Break down department silos with a team based workshop designed to bring together marketing, IT, product, digital and executive stakeholders team

  • Stay competitive and offer new digital/technology focused products, services and experiences

  • Explore what new technologies that are coming out that could have impact on your customers and your organization via hands on demonstrations

  • Uncover innovation opportunities with in your organization that can add value with actionable insights and research

  • Structure to create your own internal “innovation lab” team that can exponentially help your organization

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