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Mirow Inc.


Mirow Inc.
Booth # 7125
New York, NY
United States
Smart mirrors-as-a-service for fashion retail done right

Mirow smart mirrors allow customers to request items in different sizes and colors, browse recommendations and catalog of items in the store, request assistance from associates and collect unique data about customer behavior and identity.

  • we provide smart mirrors based on subscription (including hardware) and make them at least 5 times more affordable than anyone else - for $199 / mirror per month
  • we have confirmed sales uplift up to 8% (4-5% on average)
  • we collect unique data about try-ons and customer identity and provide that with no extra cost
  • our data allows to re-target brick-and-mortar customers in online channels with level of targeting that was not possible before
  • we provide multi-language support as well
  • and help solve issues with fitting rooms congestion

It's increadibly easy to start working with us (it takes 2 weeks to integrate our solution and 1 day to deploy in store), we don't require any sensitive data and we respect the privacy of your customers - so we don't use any cameras whatsoever.

Show Specials

NRF Special Offer

Just for our NRF guests we offer free mirror interface customization according to their needs!