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Mi9 Retail
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North Miami Beach, FL
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Mi9 Retail was launched in 2002 when the founders identified a market need for a world-class retail management system to serve complex, high SKU-volume businesses. Mi9 Retail is a leading provider of software solutions that helps retailers effectively run and grow their businesses. Mi9 Retail is committed to innovation and customer service.  

Mi9 Retail mission is to develop great software that delights end users by excelling in design and functionality. Mi9 Retail offers a complete suite of software solutions that include merchandise management, point of sale, business intelligence, sales audit, invoice matching, order management, and e-commerce – all connected to a common retail analytics platform.

Mi9 Retail is headquartered in Miami, Florida. To learn more about Mi9 Retail, visit www.Mi9Retail.com.

Retail Software That Works For You

Merchandising - Inventory - Point of Sale - Analytics - eCommerce


Mi9 Merchant

Merchandise management platform for mid-market softline & hardline retailers with complex inventory and high SKU volume. Master Data, Mobile Inventory, Purchasing, Pricing, Promotions, Sales Audit, Invoice Matching, Stock Ledger, Allocation and OMS.

Mi9 Intelligence

A comprehensive business intelligence solution to drive actionable analytics at every level of the enterprise across merchandising, stores, customers, and finance. It is comprised of Enterprise Data Warehouse, Robust Reporting, and Dashboards.

Mi9 eCommerce

eCommerce Platform for D2C and B2B companies. A single platform to manage products, orders, and customers whether you sell on your own website, Amazon or via any other channel with multi-banner support. Over 1,000 out-of-the-box configurable features.

Mi9 Point of Sale (POS)

Mi9 POS equips retailers with the tools to make the most of store and mobile technology to engage today’s connected consumers. Intuitive transaction management including returns, orders, inventory and customer loyalty empowers your store associates.