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Cimulate is a Generative AI technology company building the first Customer Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (Customer-GPT).  Founded by two experienced entrepreneurs, Cimulate is changing how the customer journey is delivered, managed, and optimized, specifically starting with commerce search.  Today, search is keyword match-driven, and fails to take the full context of the customer journey and outcome objectives into account.  The Cimulate Customer-GPT solves for this.  We build a vertical Customer-GPT for our customers with their data, and we start small and quickly with little development required by our customers.  Starting with search relevancy ranking optimization, we show 3-15% improvement in conversion. 


Cimulate Customer-GPT Platform

Customer-GPT is a generative-AI solution which optimizes the customer journey by optimizing for the right outcomes by looking holistically at the full customer journey, returning the best content in the optimized order to facilitate conversion.