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MerchLogix is a cloud-based solution focused on merchandising execution and retail project management. Retailers are experiencing competitive advantages and increased efficiency by getting their displays, fixtures, and signage to stores faster, retaining better non-merchandise inventory, increased POG and reset compliance, all while effectively managing labor teams and other variables. MerchLogix comprehensively solves for planning, ordering, logistics, execution, labor, and macro/micro space planning, while providing full analytics for continual improvement. We're proven to reduce costs, lift sales, and provide accountability, all while creating a more satisfied and empowered workforce.

All intuitive MerchLogix modules, including StoreMaps, Space Sequencing, Next-POG, and FAST-Store Surveys, can be accessed on any web-enabled device, allowing for all merchandising activities to be recorded, and accounted for in real-time, providing a true transparent work flow.



MerchLogix is a comprehensive solution for in-store merchandising execution and retail project management. Modules include: Planning, Execution, Issue Management, StoreMaps, Space Sequencing, NEXT-POG and FAST-Store Surveys.

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