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Media Graph/TLS International


Media Graph/TLS International
Media Graph/TLS International
Booth # 262
Saint-Laurent, QC

Media Graph/TLS International engineers cutting-edge visual displays and lighting technologies. We deliver the fastest lead-times and a turnkey solution with all capabilities in-house which include: dye sublimation fabric & UV printing, LED systems, aluminum/metal/wood production, design, finishing and customization. Our patented Tension LED system (TLS) provides the solution to uniformly backlight any material with no limitations in size or shape. We are the trusted one-stop-shop to handle a challenging spectrum of projects for businesses worldwide. The applications are endless, whether non-lit or light boxes, single/double-sided, curved, hanging, freestanding, stretch ceilings, or custom. Our principal that innovation drives growth is what makes us the leaders in developing fully customizable solutions. It remains at the heart of our mission to provide the highest quality service & products that suit your projects uniqueness and exceed your expectations no matter the complexity.


Tension LED System

The best backlighting solution with adjustable LED boards and unrivalled tensioning system to create any size system, single or double sided. Suitable for all applications including ceiling, wall-mounted, freestanding, hanging and floor applications.

TLS Dynamix

Personalized lighting allowing independent control of colour temperature between 2800K to 7500K and dimming intensity from 100%-0% on the same system without shifting the CCT.

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