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Specialist in leak detection and energy management.

Matelex, a specialist in leak detection and energy management for thermodynamic installations. The DNI, a patented smart system that detects refrigerant leaks using indirect measurements. Coupled with a remote surveillance web interface (Sentinelle), this system can be used to constantly monitor installations for changes in refrigerant load and leaks, thanks to measur ements that are taken every 2-3 seconds. This technology not only provides a suitable response to European regulatory requirements and US Regulation The EPA's Refrigerant Management Requirements , which require the installation of a detector to warn the operator of leaks for all installations containing more than 500 t CO2 eq., but it is also an energy efficient solution that monitors installation performance. The energy module calculates the energy consumption of different components and calculates the installation's actual COP, whilst the floating HP module helps achieve energy savings.
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Connected leak detection & energy management for refrigeration installations : save money and improve performances !

Matelex is a french company specialising in leak detection and energy management for refrigeration installations. 

Matelex is aimed at all owners and operators of refrigeration installations, helping them to improve the performance of their installations, but also to reduce operating costs, environmental impact and the risk of a breakdown in the cold chain, and therefore operating losses.