Booth # 2512
Palo Alto, CA
United States

Mashgin is the world's fastest self-checkout system powered by AI and computer vision.


Transactions on Mashgin are as much as 400% faster than a typical cashier and dramatically increase customer throughput — resulting in shorter lines, more sales, and happier customers.


By using multiple cameras to build a three-dimensional understanding of items, Mashgin identifies food and goods with 99.9% accuracy and rings them up all at once. There’s no need to find and scan barcodes. Customers simply place down their items and are instantly ready to pay.


Since Mashgin identifies items visually, it works for packaged goods and plates of food, opening up self-checkout to new industries while disrupting retail checkout with deployments in over 3,500 locations.


Today Mashgin can be found in major convenience store chains, Fortune 500 companies, and over 100 iconic sports stadiums that host teams including the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, and Sacremento Kings.