Machyna, Inc.

Machyna, Inc.
Machyna, Inc.
Booth # 663
Encinitas, CA
United States

Machyna, Inc. provides AI-driven shopping and checkout solutions to retailers.  Our mission is to enhance retailers' ability to increase profits, improve operation efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. We have three solutions:

  1. Smart Self-checkout Station
  2. Smart Shopping Cart
  3. Intelligent Store Management Software Service

Our Machyna Self-checkout Station provides frictionless self-checkout experience to customers who value efficiency and contact-less shopping. Our Machyna Smart Cart, in addition to self-checkout capability, provides data-driven, tailored cross-sale promotions and coupons while a customer is actively shopping.  Our Intelligence Store Management Software Service reduces online order fulfillment overhead, optimizes product placement, and increases revenue through AdTech.

Come see our demos and discuss trial and investment opportunities at Booth #663 in the Startup Zone on Level 1.  For more information:


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Machyna Smart Shopping Cart

Machyna, Inc. has developed a low-cost, low-power smart cart solution that provides frictionless self-checkout experience to consumers,