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LS Retail
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Alpharetta, GA
Come experience our unified commerce solutions!

LS Retail is a world-leading developer and provider of unified commerce software systems for retail, hospitality and forecourt businesses.

Our management systems power over 70,000 retail stores, restaurants and gas stations in 125 countries. Our customers range from small to large retailers, including several of the best-known global brands operating in fashion, grocery, electronics, jewelry, furniture, pharmacy, duty free, restaurants, cafés, gas stations - and more.

The LS Retail solutions unite ERP, Point of Sale, e-commerce, order and inventory management, CRM, and more, in just one platform. This means our customers can use one single platform to run their whole business across all their sales channels. As a result, our solutions have helped thousands of businesses cut IT costs, reduce mistakes, gain control over their whole operation, take timely strategic business decisions and build superior customer experiences across all touchpoints. 

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