LS Retail

LS Retail
Booth # 4639A
Alpharetta, GA
United States

LS Retail, an Aptos company is a world-leading developer and provider of unified commerce software for retail, hospitality, food service, pharmacy and forecourt businesses.

The LS Retail solutions unite ERP, Point of Sale, e-commerce, order and inventory management, CRM, advanced analytics and more, in just one platform. This means our customers can use one single platform to run their whole business, from financials to sales, across all their sales channels. As a result, our solutions have helped thousands of businesses cut IT costs, reduce duplicate work and errors, gain control over their whole operation, take timely strategic business decisions, and deliver superior customer experiences. 

LS Retail is part of the Aptos group of companies and plays a key role in the Aptos suite of unified commerce solutions.

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LS Central for retail

Get clear sales and customer data, keep costs under control and track your business performance with LS Central, the system that covers your business from HQ to back office to POS.

LS Central for restaurants

End-to-end restaurant software to manage all your food service needs from tableside ordering to inventory, to kitchen management and more.

LS Central for hotels

Guest-centric property management software (PMS) for hotels and resorts. Manage rooms, identify returning guests, keep your data consistent, and work within a single software environment.