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From Concept to Customer, Get a Smarter Answer Faster

Today’s consumers expect a unified commerce experience with the ability find the items they want for the right price, in the right color, style, and size at the point-of-purchase they prefer 100% of the time. Improving your integrated retail planning processes from concept to customer is the surest way to provide a superior omni-channel customer experience, increase profits and strengthen brands.

Logility Voyager Solutions™ for retail optimization give you a comprehensive integrated retail planning platform for forecasting, store planning, allocation, assortment planning, fashion replenishment, and more.

We help retailers:

  • Balance plans at all levels, from company to SKU, from chain to store, using dynamic store needs projections

  • Plan effectively over multiple horizons (seasons, months, weeks, days)

  • Create a comprehensive omni-channel customer experience

  • Automate planning workflows to boost productivity

  • Match allocation and replenishment plans to individual store needs

  • Dynamically update future store financial and unit sales and stock plans