Leia Inc

Leia Inc
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Menlo Park, CA
United States
Leia is an experience platform offering 3D Lightfield products and software applications that challenge the limits of what can be created and shown on a display. Leading brands in the automotive, education, gaming, hospitality, medical, and retail industries embrace Lightfield as the de facto medium to connect with their consumers and re-define their marketplaces. Leia's disruptive, award-winning 3D Lightfield tablet, the Lume Pad, is an all-in-one Android 10-powered tablet that can run 3D Lightfield apps, games, photos, and video. Depth, texture, and light make content spring to life, creating a more immersive and sensory experience.


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Lume Pad

Powered by 3D Lightfield Technology. It’s the immersive experience of 3D without the glasses. Leia's breakthrough technology allows you to surprise your customers with digital content that springs to life.