Last Yard

Last Yard
Booth # 6020
Perth, WA

Last Yard is an in-store experience platform empowering retailers on their digital transformation and automation journey. 

Unlike other solutions, Last Yard's data, software, and hardware agnostic approach, coupled with our proprietary business and compliance rules engine, enables us to help retailers develop publishable product and price data for any channel, regardless of your systems and technologies.

Reduce Costs through Automation

The Last Yard team helps you eliminate outdated manual tasks by creating bespoke rules and workflows, thus reducing your costs and freeing up time for higher order tasks.

Boost Sales with Enriched Shelf Edge Communication

Last Yard’s Template Studio helps retailers sell more by making it quick and easy to create and deploy engaging and informative shelf edge signage. Get ready to design at scale with a retail-specific cloud application.

Drive Customer Loyalty with Omnichannel Experiences

Last Yard helps retailers deliver a cohesive, unified shopper experience by providing a single platform for managing product information, promotions, and pricing across all channels.

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