la Vitre

la Vitre
la Vitre
Booth # 6764
New York, NY
United States

La Vitre brings closeness anywhere in the world!

The right people, to the right place.

Used by teams, speakers, hospitality, training, events, retail... for now.

Today, the means of communication are multiple and within everyone's reach.

Being able to communicate is obvious.

With la Vitre, feel the presence!

Based on a human-sized screen, la Vitre connects places of all kinds, offering the ability to find each other, to see each other at first hand, to talk to each other and to exchange everyday tools naturally.

This means being able to share images, videos, PDFs, 3D models, as well as your different devices such as your phone, your tablet, your computer or your augmented reality headset.

A conversation through la Vitre must be considered as a physical exchange, from a simplicity point of view as well as confidentiality and security of information.

For this reason, communications between Vitres are made through a peer-to-peer channel based on WebRTC technology (DTLS and SRTP), established between each Vitre, allowing end-to-end data encryption.