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Kutir Mobility


Kutir Mobility
Kutir Mobility
Booth # 2101
Newark, CA
United States
Greetings, are you losing handheld devices? Come see us.

Kutir Mobility is an award winning Zebra 'Software Only' partner.  The recipient of 2017 Tablet App of the year for TechDispatchTM, as well as the 2015 North America ISV of the year.  Since 2010, Kutir has been assisting hardware manufacturers to make handheld devices compelling with new iOS, Android applications and re-imagined legacy Windows application migration projects. 

The Zebra partnership has grown to include Kutir's packaged products; this year we are featuring Asset360 to enable management of high-value asset transfer (chain-of-custody) within an organization.

Organizations increasingly need to track handheld devices, laptops, company issued phones, vehicles, furniture, operational equipment or any other high value assets. Asset360 tracks who has it, where it was last seen and when it is due for service, lease return or maintenance and is critical to running any business and maximizing return on investment.