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Kore.ai is a recognized global leader in enterprise AI technology providing conversational and generative AI technology that helps organizations deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers and employees to achieve desired business outcomes. Trusted by over 400 Global 2000 companies, the Kore.ai Experience Optimization (XO) Platform and AI solutions deliver extraordinary experiences for over 200 million users and 2 million employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in Florida, USA with offices in South America, Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan and South Korea. Visit kore.ai to learn more


Retail Assist

Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue through our pre-built virtual assistant, readily available on digital and voice channels as well as in-store devices for next-gen employee enablement.

Food Assist

Increase guest satisfaction and employee efficiency with adaptive pre-built use-cases that truly leverage the benefits of Conversational AI and the optimal orchestration of Generative AI in Kore’s industry-leading XO Platform

XO Platform

The Kore.ai Platform merges conversational AI intelligence with generative AI innovation, empowering businesses to craft memorable, scalable customer experiences.

Agent Assist

Harness the power of generative AI and LLM capabilities to empower your agents in delivering exceptional customer service. Provide help with the next best action, in-built Knowledge AI, automated assistance, and real-time guidance.

Search Assist

Empower customer service agents and frontline workers to be more responsive and better serve your customers. Intelligent Knowledgebase Exploration, using a combination of Generative AI