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KMA/ Kiosk Manufacturer Association


KMA/ Kiosk Manufacturer Association
KMA/ Kiosk Manufacturer Association
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Westminster, CO
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The Kiosk Manufacturer Association is a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better self-service for customers and employees through kiosks and information technology (IT). KMA leads efforts to optimize self-service engagements and engagement outcomes using information technology such as kiosks.

This includes Accessibility and ADA regulations, both U.S. and International. Providing clear direction on liability issues and design which affect all public self-service technology.

Informational and transactional self- service kiosks comprises our primary focus. This includes retail, financial, transportation, travel, healthcare, government and telecom.

Digital signs have become more interactive and "smart". Emergency and public service "digital signage kiosks" are now legitimate products for educational and retail markets. Multi-function terminals in effect.

Connected cities and connected spaces are growing. That includes smart transportation and ticketing. Smart vending and lockers.

Show Specials

Retail Advisory Council Free Membership

As part of our commitment to ADA and Accessibility we are forming a Retail Advisory Council for participation by companies.  Stay informed of latest developments in ADA and accessibility for self-service kiosks in the retail space. Simply register at our booth and have your badge entered and if you are a retailer considering deploying self-order then you become a member of the Advisory Council.  This offer is only open during the Big Show in NY January 2019.


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