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Kisan Electronics
Kisan Electronics
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Carrollton, TX
United States

Kisan Electronics is an OEM and seller of high-quality smart safes, cash recyclers and currency counters used in 70+ countries worldwide. Kisan is a 40-year-old company based in Seoul, Korea and has a U.S. office in Carrollton, TX.  

A global leader in the industry, our products are known as the best in the class because of the investment in R&D and sets Kisan products apart from the competition.

We make the latest in cash handling equipment and offer money counter systems designed specifically for the retail environment. 

Our cash handling products go far beyond providing security and safety. These products are engineered to provide tangible benefits including increased labor efficiency and reduced shrink.

Our cash counters feature the most advanced technology in the industry. Our entire product line offers five levels of counterfeit detection that is standard on all equipment. 

Come explore new solutions for your cash handling needs! Our products are in stock and ready to ship!