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Kibo Commerce
Kibo Commerce
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Dallas, TX
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Kibo provides the only extensible, unified commerce platform that delivers personalized, omnichannel experiences. The platform unifies omnichannel headless commerce, enterprise-grade order management, and AI-driven personalization from industry leaders Monetate and Certona, each of which were acquired by Kibo in 2019.


Kibo Personalization Powered by Monetate & Certona

From sophisticated A/B testing to AI-driven personalization, harness patented technology to delight your customers with impactful individualized experiences, resulting in increased engagement, conversions, and lifetime value.

Headless eCommerce

Built for today and tomorrow. Our API-first, microservices architecture allows for ongoing innovation to the customer experience and the ability to go fully headless.

Kibo Order Management

Kibo Order Management is a flexible, cloud-based solution that enables retailers to quickly deploy and evolve dynamic fulfillment models that drive revenue and meet customer demands.