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Kaidu revolutionizes crowd analytics through its innovative signal scanning technology, precisely measuring pedestrian traffic, and analyzing dwell behavior. This user-friendly, battery-powered device, easily installed and connected to Wi-Fi, offers a cost-effective and privacy-compliant alternative to traditional camera systems. Ideal for retail, events, and public spaces, Kaidu enhances safety and operational efficiency by providing valuable data for optimizing displays and traffic flow. Its focus on signal data rather than personal identification ensures privacy, making it a superior solution for improving customer engagement and crowd management in high-traffic areas in real-time. 

Kaidu's smart sensors are deployed in 8 countries in NA, Europe and Asia; and in diverse environments such as retail, events, and public spaces. 


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Kaidu Occupancy Scanner

Kaidu's wireless occupancy scanner helps businesses track and analyze visitor traffic for strategic layout and product placement decisions. It gauges visitor movements, busy times, and popular days, aiding in effective planning.

Krowdsense Portable Scanner

Krowdsense: Portable, battery-powered analytics device for anywhere placement. Lasts over a year on a single charge. Revolutionizes storefront analytics without power constraints.