Booth # 1652

Jow is a weekly meal planning and grocery app. We're the market leader in France and excited to announce we are launching in the US. 

Jow recommends recipes and orders ingredients and/or other goods for pickup or delivery from your favorite nearby grocery store. We take the stress out of cooking and shopping so that families and couples with busy lives can enjoy easy, delicious meals, and spend more time with the people they love. 

Why partner with Jow as a grocery retailer? Jow is a lever to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention. We help your business by creating tailored shoppable content. We increase intent by coupling world-class content with e-commerce. Finally, we help you anticipate your customers' needs and give you more control over your customers' carts. 

Swing by booth 1652 in the Food Tech area to learn how we can help you:
- Optimize your revenue streams
- Improve conversions on boosted products
- Retain customers by leveraging our catalogue of easy, delicious recipes
- Increase the margin on e-grocery carts by up to 5pts