Booth # 2313

Swing by booth 2313 in the Foodservice area to learn how we can help you:

  • Optimize your revenue streams

  • Improve conversions on key products

  • Retain customers by leveraging our 3k+ catalogue of shoppable recipes

  • Increase the margin on carts by up to 5pts


Jow is a personalized meal planning and grocery app. We're the market leader in France and are growing in the US, where we’ve already helped thousands of Americans with their weekly meals and shopping! We're proud to say we've already served over 150M meals globally to our 6M+ customers! What’s for dinner? Our service solves the age-old question by recommending weekly meals, converting them into a 40+ SKU cart & giving customers access to all other grocery aisles to finish their shopping.

We are currently expanding our retail partnerships. What could this mean for you?

Jow is a high-impact retail media tool. With our consumer data, content teams and technology, we’re able to produce and distribute hyper-personalized content with very specific audience segmentation and targeting. Because of this, our service is a proven lever to increase customer acquisition, engagement and retention.