ITOrizon Inc.

ITOrizon Inc.
Booth # 1532
Marietta, GA
United States

ITOrizon is a global technology services firm headquartered in Atlanta, USA, with offices across the globe, focused on end-to-end supply chain consulting and digital transformation programs   

Our technology expertise includes Manhattan Associates(On-prem & Active), Oracle SCM, Hardis Group, and UCBOS - Zero Code. Our client-centric services covers

  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Implementation
  • Integration (MHE, WCS, ASRS, ERP, MDM, SCM)
  • PaaS Customization
  • Managed Services

ITOrizon is recognized by Gartner, ISG, and ARC Advisory as a strong supply chain consulting services firm for both Manhattan and  Oracle Services.

Our unique expertise includes

  • Vendor Rapid Solution Implementation
    • Manhattan: WMOS, WM Active, WMi, DOM, Omni, TMS, LMS, SCI, MIF, Proactive
    • Oracle : Fusion, OIC, OCWMS, OTM
    • UCBOS
  • Application Managed Services
  • Data Convergence and Real-Time Insights
  • AIML Enabled Predictive and Prescriptive Solutions

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