iRomaScents A.B. Ltd

iRomaScents A.B. Ltd
iRomaScents A.B. Ltd
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iRomaScents provides the solution to the problems that the perfume/fragrance retailers have encountered for countless years, by addressing the issue of indecision from their customer base.

Our highly intuitive AI Wizard is designed exclusively for the purpose of letting the customer discover and sample the actual fragrance they want, regardless of if it is for themselves or as a gift for someone else.

This, in turn, affords the retailer to reduce the number of trained staff, and change their role into encouraging customers' final move and executing the purchase, after being assisted by a sophisticated, modern AI driven machine.

Furthermore, by directing customers to the iRomaScents device, it reduces potential loss through theft, as there would be no actual need to have the products and samples on display, and only made available upon request via the iRomaScents device.

This small device is ideal for any size of retail shop, big and small, fixed or temporary. Easy to set up and even easier to use.


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iRomaScents Model IDS-2000P

iRomaScents® changes the way people sell and buy scented products in general, and fragrances in particular.
Fast recommendation of most suitable item, based on objective inputs, preventing stealing, enhance buying experience, and increased profitability!