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The benefits of people counting are widely known, however with the advanced features of Vector 4D you can go beyond just counting people and optimise the whole customer experience.

Combining employee detection, zone based dwell measuring and unrivalled accuracy levels in excess of 99%, the Vector 4D is the next generation of people counter.

The unique passive staff detection functionality of Vector 4D can provide key insights in to how staff interact with customers and how they affect conversion ratios, all whilst enabling the exclusion of staff from counts.

Using infrared time of flight sensors, the Vector 4D is not affected by bright sunshine, total darkness or shiny and reflective surfaces. Up to 30 devices can be connected together to cover large areas or wide openings and up to 32 detection lines and zones can be configured to track all possible movements.

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Go Beyond People Counting - Measure Customer Dwell

Being able to count people as they pass a certain point only gives you limited information – how many people have gone past that certain point. By measuring the length of time a person dwells in a particular area you can add an additional level of detail to this information. For example, in a retail environment instead of just measuring how many people go past a particular display, you could also measure how long they spent at the display and understand how engaged they were with it.