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InterTrade Systems Inc.


InterTrade Systems Inc.
InterTrade Systems Inc.
Booth # 302
Laval, QC
A partner of choice with strong EDI expertise
Since its foundation in 1996, InterTrade Systems has established itself as a partner of choice for companies, large and small, seeking to address their supply chain challenges and associated EDI needs. As a Tier-1 B2B solutions provider, we are recognized for our strong expertise in EDI networking solutions as well as our product data synchronization (catalogues) offering. Our experienced team caters to over 3,000 clients, with marquee international companies like Neiman Marcus (high-end retail apparel), McKesson (pharmaceutical) and Uni-Select (automotive).


InterTrade EDI VAN

An EDI Value-Added-Network allows businesses to electronically exchange accurate business documents securely, efficiently and in real-time in order to enhance supply chain operations, reduce errors and get goods to market faster.