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IntekBox Inc.


IntekBox Inc.
IntekBox Inc.
Booth # 346
Sunnyvale, CA
United States

  Based on California, USA, IntekBox has lunched the world's first loss prevention new product HD 4K Point of Sale Security Surveillance Text Inserter System and 4K IP Decoding Monitor.

  Intekbox HD 4K POS Text Inserter, a Linux based text overlay on video system, supports most HD IP camera from 2M to 4K resolution, compatible with most ONVIF IP cameras, integrates with most retail POS and Cash Register with TCP/UDP/RS232 connection, large 48x120 text display area, six colors, four level font sizes, text display area is movable by mouse. User can easy define event exception alert, like VOID/Delete/Return/Discount etc., easy set up cash drawer exception alert, email alert, and get smart phone remote viewing. 

  IntekBox HD 4K IP decoding monitor, running Linux OS, no PC or CMS software needed. It supports HD resolution from 1080P/720P to 4K with any IP ONVIF cameras, motion beeping alert, motion pop up full screen, auto sequence, remote viewing via free mobile APP. Each monitor can decode up to sixteen IP cameras. 

  For more information, visit our Booth #346. We are now looking for nationwide distributors and dealers. 

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IntekBox 4K POS Video Surveillance Text Inserter System

Based on California, USA, the world's first new product Intekbox high definition resolution 4K  Point of Sale Security Surveillance Text Inserter System. We are now looking for the NationWide Distributors.