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Inkling Collaboration is a mobile platform that simplifies retail operations and store execution. It unifies tasks and communications into a mobile app so store teams spend less time in the back office and more time on the sales floor. It equips headquarters with real-time analytics about performance so they can make data-driven decisions.

Why is this platform so great?

  • Clear Priorities: A prioritized view of tasks and communications in a mobile app built for your frontline team.
  • Always Up to Date: Push notifications drive awareness of time-sensitive information and messages.
  • Actionable Insight: Monitor performance in real-time, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

What features set it apart?

  • Prioritized Tasks: Distributed an integrated set of priorities and resources to boost productivity and maximize team time on the sales floor.
  • Group Messaging: Reach anyone instantly with 1:1 or group messaging and easily share pictures, videos, links and documents.
  • Completion Tracking: Gain insight into completion status instantly across the fleet to identify trends and issues in real-time.
  • Real-Time Analytics: View dashboards on store performance to make impactful and data-driven decisions. 

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