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infoTouch for Enterprises is a Modular Retail Platform. Each module is highly configurable at implementation and downstream modifications, without programming. Modular interoperability provides speed and power not found in disparate systems operating through APIs. Stacked, the blocks build a robust, highly configurable enterprise platform, tailored to the needs of the operation, rather than the other way around. The software deploys locally and reliably with overriding cloud administration for a hybrid solution offering speed, streamlined maintenance, and lower cost to acquire and operate. The power of the Platform provides outstanding customer experiences both online and through onsite POS, with limited overhead.

Module examples include: Transaction Management (POS); Inventory Management; CRM; Employee Management; eCommerce

A pioneer in the industry, we've powered enterprises with thousands of stores as well as growing retailers starting with dozens of locations. Talented integration partners find us for complete solutions, customized through implementation for the most capable, cost-effective and expedient delivery in the industry.


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infoTouch Enterprise

A Modular Retail Platform, modified through configuration rather than expensive programming. Secure, centralized Command and Control and granular reporting at any level. Faster, less costly and more adaptable than any other enterprise retail platform.