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Inference Solutions


Inference Solutions
Booth # 762
San Francisco, CA
United States

Inference Solutions is a global provider of Intelligent Virtual Agents that enables retailers to leverage the latest Conversational AI with unmatched flexibility and breadth of technology choice. From SMB to the Fortune 500, hundreds of businesses around the world use Inference’s award-winning code-free platform to rapidly design and deploy advanced self-service applications − from simple touch-tone interactions to leading edge Natural Language dialogs.

Inference virtual agents automate routine conversations and processes to enhance the touchpoints that guide customers throughout their buying journeys.

Inference's IVAs empower retail customers to shop on their terms via voice, chat and text, while expediting product discovery, purchasing and order fulfillment. These cloud-based virtual agents easily integrate with retailers' existing systems to automate service and elevate customer experience. 


PCI Compliance

Inference VAs take PCI-compliant payments without the need for a live agent. This makes the payment experience more convenient for customers and eliminates revealing it to a human agent helping retailers avoid compliance violations and penalties