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Indyme Solutions, Inc


Indyme Solutions, Inc
Booth # 317
San Diego, CA
United States

Drive Customer Engagement. Drive Conversion. Increase Connection.

Indyme Solutions is an industry leader in customer engagement and loss prevention serving the dynamic retail industry. Our products are installed in over 25,000 stores, and our clients represent many of the most recognized brands in retail. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Indyme is a highly innovative technology company whose products are advancing the state of the art in retail today. 

Indyme improves the shopping experience for our clients’ customers by providing them assistance when they need it most -- from an unattended store department to help inside the fitting room. We create happy customers who spend more.

Our technology helps automate and simplify the BOPIS Experience for Buy Online Pickup In Store shoppers and retail staff.

Indyme also prevents theft with our sophisticated sensor technology that understands shopper behaviors and can react to suspicious events, leaving thieves empty-handed.

Let Indyme show you how Smart Response® can benefit your stores.

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Indyme Solutions - Brands:

  • Smart Response®: Customer engagement technology, BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In Store) solutions
  • SmartSense™: Presence and product awareness
  • SmartPortal™: Store, department and fitting room analytics
  • TrueView™: Customer selected fitting room scene lighting
  • SmartFit Assist™: Customer help in the fitting room
  • SmartFit®: Real-time fitting room occupancy status
  • StyleLink™: Interactive shopper touch screen monitor

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