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Impulse Logic Ltd
Impulse Logic Ltd
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Experience availability, efficiently and consistently with our Virtual Replenishment Manager.

Our cloud-based tool supports you in delivering great on-shelf availability.

Designed and built by retailers, our AI and smart algorithms transform the last footsteps of the supply chain, from truck to shelf, into impactful store performance opportunities – for customers and store teams. Ensuring you experience  availability – efficiently and consistently – every time.

A flexible, intuitive and easy-to-execute platform that you helps you develop and maintain a culture devoted to customer success.

Availability - uninterrupted on shelf availability ensuring your customers find what they want, when they want it

Efficiently - technology that optimizes the journey from truck to shelf every time, based on proactive alerts, ensuring your teams are focused on the rights tasks at the right time

Consistently - an intuitive platform that drives consistent execution across your estate with live reporting so you can see the benefits