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imageHOLDERS design and build innovative business solutions, making technology more accessible for all.

Our interactive kiosks and device enclosures help companies drive revenue, improve efficiency and overcome sticking points in their user journey.

Our designs are sleek and intuitive, ensuring the technology enables and empowers both employees and consumers alike.

The imageHOLDERS team has created a culture that utilizes imagination to constantly move beyond their current vision to new unimagined horizons.

Improvement is iterative, through constructive scrutiny and innovative, abstract thinking.

ImageHOLDERS continually develops business relationships that go beyond the sum of its individual parts, working with suppliers and customers as partners.

imageHOLDERS has reimagined and simplified interactions, allowing billions to engage with technology in intuitive and exciting ways.


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H-Series - Kiosks

The H-Series offers a range of tablet/screen enclosures. The series is hardware and software agnostic. It comes in 4 sizes designed to fit tablets & screens of that size from 10”, 12”, 15” and 22”.
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P-Series Podium Kiosks

The P-Series is our flagship range, offering both practical and aesthetically pleasing self-service terminals. The range creates a versatile and sleek modular kiosk solution which has a minimal footprint, whilst optimizing user engagement.​
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K-Series Pedestal Kiosks

The K-Series of floor standing kiosks comes in two highly configurable models. The Integration Kiosk and the Graphic Kiosk. Both suit a wide range of tablet and screen models and sizes and can have a range of different peripheral devices fitted.
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T-Series Pedestal Kiosks

The T-Series offers a unique opportunity to integrate multiple touch screen terminals into a single free-standing pedestal unit.