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Illinois Wholesale Cash Register


Illinois Wholesale Cash Register
Illinois Wholesale Cash Register
Booth # 1015
Elgin, IL
United States

Illinois Wholesale is your source for high quality new and refurbished Point of Sale Equipment; POS terminals, processors, scanners, scales, printers, peripherals, kits, parts, etc.


  • Sales and purchase of new & discontinued P.O.S. hardware
  • Depot maintenance services
  • Recovery  of legacy P.O.S. and back office hardware
  • E-Cycle of legacy hardware
  • Refurbishment, storage, staging & deployment of customer owned P.O.S. and back office hardware
  • Asset management
  • Online customer portal
  • Board level repairs
  • Data destruction services 

Chairman's Circle Sponsors

IBM Corporation
SAP Retail
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc.