Identification y Sensorization (Visual Counter)

Identification y Sensorization (Visual Counter)
Identification y Sensorization (Visual Counter)
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Madrid, España

We design, manufacture and market our own technological solutions for a flow of people analysis

Visual Counter is a Engineering Company with more than 15 years in the IT sector.

Our speciality is the design, manufacture and marketing of flow analysis solutions for people / passengers in sectors as diverse as retail, banking, public transport, airports, museums, etc.

At present, the installed solutions fleet exceeds 40,000 units in more than 80 countries.

  1. Maximum precision counting visitors at access points in commercial areas.
  2. Influx data and business data (sales or staff) crossing, obtaining essential business ratios or indicators.
  3. Staff detection and counting, being able to differentiate them automatically from clients.
  4. Client visit analysis in different department areas based on smartphone detection and tracking with activated Wi-Fi communication.
  5. Activity maps and heat maps determination inside the commercial area.
  6. Most common client trajectories analysis.
  7. Average time spent at commercial areas and in each department.
  8. Client´s fidelity level analysis: new, daily, weekly, monthly, occasionally.
  9. ETC ....