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Hwasung System Co., Ltd.


Hwasung System Co., Ltd.
Hwasung System Co., Ltd.
Booth # 1703
An Yang, Gyeonggi
South Korea
Fast, Simple, and yet complex to completion for your needs.

Welcome to Hwasung System Company, the home of direct thermal printers used widely in South Korea.

Have you seen the Pyeongchang Olympics 2018? I didn't get to see it directly, but our company's printers definitely had the chance to watch it in the front seat.

If we are supported widely in South Korea, then why have we not been acknowledged by the global scale clients?

The reason is that our company is exporting directly from our company and do not have distributorships around the world.

Just a little about our company, we've been in the direct thermal printer business for over 17 years, starting as a component provider and now a manufacturer. We manufacture everything in Korea without outsourcing it to other countries.

The market expanded over the years, and we hold a large percentage of clients on kiosk side, but we are still in need of growth with global scale. We don't just adjust the price so that it would sound perfect for the deal, but we work with our clients to meet their expectancies and to earn their trust and loyalty.

Once a client said, "I was once a big brand name person myself, but now I'm all for Hwasung." This statement is what we work hard to achieve.



Compact, powerful, and hyper speed printer that can handle different size of papers up to 3 inches, types of papers like the thick ticket papers, and liner-free papers. Perfect for a kiosk with limited space as the dimension of the printer is small.