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Hwasung System Co., Ltd.


Hwasung System Co., Ltd.
Hwasung System Co., Ltd.
Booth # 1205
An Yang, Gyeonggi
South Korea

We, the Hwasung System after founding in July 2002, have been providing the critical components of printers such as printer’s head and auto cutter to grow with the consumers.

To be closer to our clients in the fast-changing economic situations, we have expanded the development team and established the production system since 2004, to provide various components for the Kiosk's (receipt) paper and printer mechanisms, as well as reinforcing the technical skills and production quality to advance with the clients.

The direction of the company is to push the excellent technical expertise and the product qualities for cultivating the business that is acknowledged by the international market. We will compensate with a transparent management that takes the view of the talented staff members and shares the corporation’s profits and developments.

We kindly request your continuous attention and supports.

Thank you.

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