HuLoop Automation Inc.

HuLoop Automation Inc.
HuLoop Automation Inc.
Booth # 5930
Auburn, CA
United States

HuLoop Automation offers retailers and brands an AI-powered, no-code intelligent automation platform.  This platform brings next generation innovation across a number of key solution areas: 1.) data driven process discovery, 2.) business process automation (BPA), 3.) robotic process automation (RPA), 4.) intelligent document processing (IDP), 5.) intelligent data automation (IDA) and 6.) software test automation (STA).  Our autmations serve retailers across merchandising, marketing, supply chain, store operations, and digital commerce.

HuLoop's platform delivers significant revenue growth, cost savings, and productivity gains across it’s prestigious customer base by...
• Orchestrating and integrating business processes across and in between disparate software platforms
• Automating mundane, repetitive tasks with digital workers (bots) to augment your human workforce
• Facilitating intelligent document processing across Excels, PDFs, EDIs, and other documents with cognitive OCR
• Providing Human-in-the-Loop decisioning and governance to harmonize human and AI interactions

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