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With more than 30-year experience in EPOS technology and Self-Checkout solutions, HiStone is among the top world-known developers of retail and hospitality machine technology.
The company offers a wide range of EPOS and SCO models to solve the existing retail and hospitality obstacles and challenges.
Our product range consists of a variety of solutions that will suit your unique business needs and exceed your expectations. All-in-one POSs, box, and mobile POS systems, self-checkouts, and other products are available for business owners.
HiStone All-In-One point-of-sale systems have earned the trust of both established brands and start-ups as some of the most reliable, durable, and versatile EPOS hardware available.
HiStone offers a wide range of Self-Checkout systems tailored to suit various applications, providing customers with a time-saving way to help themselves in an ever-growing need for convenience and exceptional customer service.

We are proud to deliver the behind-the-scenes, industry-standard, human-centric retail technology that you use every day.

For additional information, visit  https://www.hics.histonetec.com/


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With its alluring, refined design and powerful performance, the HiStone Era (HK960U) POS will enhance the customer and user experience and transcend the demands of the most challenging retail and hospitality environments.
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Hero II (HK578) POS system

This system combines style and functionality with a sleek design and powerful performance. The versatile stand is perfect for any environment, and the easy-to-use interface makes transactions quick and simple.
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Luna S (HK526) POS system

Give your business a professional edge with the style and sophistication of the all-in-one HiStone Luna S (HK526) POS system. Its small footprint is perfect for businesses with limited space.
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LUNA X (Android HK316 )

Elevate your customer experience with the intelligent HiStone Luna X (HK560/HK316) POS system offering powerful performance to run your business smoothly and efficiently.
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HS520M Self-Checkout

Fast, efficient, and reliable. That's the vision behind the HiStone HS520M - A multi-functional self-service kiosk or self-checkout system designed for retail or hospitality use, providing your customers with an enhanced shopping experience.