Booth # 1313
Qingdao, Laoshan District
With more than 30-year experience in EPOS technology and Self-Checkout solutions, HiStone is among the top world-known developers of retail and hospitality machine technology.
The company offers a wide range of EPOS and SCO models to solve the existing retail and hospitality obstacles and challenges.
Our product range consists of a variety of solutions that will suit your unique business needs and exceed your expectations. All-in-one POSs, box, and mobile POS systems, self-checkouts, and other products are available for business owners.
HiStone All-In-One point-of-sale systems have earned the trust of both established brands and start-ups as some of the most reliable, durable, and versatile EPOS hardware available.
HiStone offers a wide range of Self-Checkout systems tailored to suit various applications, providing customers with a time-saving way to help themselves in an ever-growing need for convenience and exceptional customer service.

We are proud to deliver the behind-the-scenes, industry-standard, human-centric retail technology that you use every day.

For additional information, visit  https://www.hics.histonetec.com/