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A leader in smart shopping cart solutions, HiCart Corporation is a platform for every retail company, and supplier of smart shopping cart technology. By seamlessly integrating AI technology for new retail industry, smart sensing algorithm, and deep learning, HiCart provides artiificial intelligence-powered samrt shopping cart enhancing customer experience and retailer efficiency.

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HiCart said that it has built a larger volume of the smart shopping cart

The new version smart shopping cart has 3 distinct features.

(1) This smart shopping cart has a larger volume and is still very light.

Cheng Kun, CEO at HiCart, says that new smart shopping carts have a larger volume than the classic S600 model, and the weight is still very light. As it adopts one-piece plastic, this engineering plastic makes it easy for female customers to push a full-load smart shopping cart.

5 smart shopping cart functions that are important to customers

A smart shopping cart is initially designed and developed to improve customers’ shopping experience. While the smart shopping cart is still a new and fresh product, customers only know a little about the smart shopping cart.

In this article, I will list 5 smart shopping cart functions that are important to customers.

(1) Smart shopping cart displays items’ prices automatically.

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A deep introduction of a smart shopping cart project

Retailers adoption of smart shopping carts has so far been high , with more demand for skipping check out lines .Besides , the coronavirus is also a powerful force to boost demand for smart shopping cart project .It was surveyed that the Covid-19 has stimulated more retailers and customers focus on smart shopping cart project .

But many retailers still know little about smart shopping cart project . So let’s make a deep introduction of a smart shopping cart project from perspective of HiCart Inc ,one of the pioneers in the smart cart and smart retail industry .


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S600 Model Smart Shopping Carts

First series products based on FMC innovative modular production line which produces flexible modular components,S600carts started to have differentiated and customized modules.
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S800 Model Smart Shopping Carts

Based on FMC innovative modular production line which producesflexible modular components,S800 carts has differentiated andcustomized modules. specific configuration is possible for different needs in different area and different sizes of stores.