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Hease Robotics


Hease Robotics
Booth # 7147

Heasy is a robotized interactive kiosk that answers to the specific needs with a clear solution-oriented focus. It's mobility allows Heasy to navigate to the best predefined spots while attracting everyone's attention thanks to its engaging design.

Creating a unique customer experience is one of the best ways to realize a positive impact on customer loyalty, higher retention and increased revenues. By means of interactive games, contests and surveys, Heasy collects Marketing Data which enables an increase of the average order value by more than 20%. What's more, thanks to its interaction-oriented design and sound capabilities, Heasy is able to reach 20 times more participants compared to traditional kiosks. More than 80% of users are satisfied by this unique experience!

At Hease Robotics, we understand how the modern retail shopper has evolved: Over-exposed to brands and therefore hard to conquer and retain. The shopper is all at once very well informed and keen for advice. He is active and expects efficiency while keeping in mind that his behavior is affected by social influences.