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Vkinny is a mobile video communication solution for companies to help with training/marketing/sales/internal communication in every level.

HanmiIT.CO.,Ltd. develops, manufactures, and sells radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, health care service and communication service(Web/App). HanmiIT newly launched a mobile presentation maker with a messenger feature and it is named 'VKINNY'. It's a B2B solution for company to use but clients who haven't installed the app can also check on the message through URL on various platforms. Nobody wants to spend hours mastering nuances of video editing techniques ㅡ via VKINNY, people can simply make an explainer video(reaction video) on your mobile. VKINNY is a simple and easy to use video maker featuring highly required functions.
Vkinny lets user select any file(Image, Video, PDF) he/she want to comment and once you start recording, selfie camera will capture face and record it all at once. People can answer their client or colleague to various questions, share new idea, and leave a comment on the specific part of any matter via VKINNY.

In addition, HanmiIT offers RFID tracking systems; RFID smart-shelf system that enables customers, pharmacies, and hospitals to track, in real time, the locations and expiration dates of tagged medications on their shelves; PRISMA, an RFID inventory solution that individually identifies RFID-tagged products and their location data while it travels along lines of shelves or racks; and RFBlaster, an RFID portable reader optimized for identifying stacked Items individually. It also provides RFID system implementation, IT and business convergence, mobile middleware development, system integration, and system management (SM) solutions. we provide SM solutions in the areas of information systems, which include CRM, sales evaluation management, personnel evaluation management, and SA agent systems; infra/security, such as database management, DRM/firewall/IPS/INCops, server/backup, network system, DNS, and FTP; Web application/mobile that include CES groupware, HMP portal site for wholesalers, HMEPS (Purchasing Management), HMP portal site for doctors and pharmacists, credit card payment systems, and positioning control systems; and systems, including ERP, MES/WMS/LIMS systems, EDMS/E-ROOM, APS/DPS systems, and databases. To add more, we offer KEIDAS, a supply chain execution and management platform suite that enables consolidating a series of management operations covering from production, receipt, and shipment to stocktaking. HanmiIT was founded in 2005 and is based in Seoul, South Korea. HanmiIT.CO.,Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Hanmi Pharm. Co., Ltd.


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