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Reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your retail cash processes with Gunnebo's smart Cash Management solutions. Gunnebo Cash Management offers closed cash management, cash recycling, cash deposit and cash software solutions for retail, bank and CIT companies. Closed Cash Management helps you take control of the whole cash cycle with better security and efficiency across all cash processes. Cash Recycling keeps your cash flowing by optimizing your cash flow through efficient and secure cash recycling. Use front and back-office Cash Deposit solutions for more efficient cash handling and Cash Software online tools for monitoring, maintenance and management of your entire cash handling operations.


SafePay Complete

SafePay Complete is a closed-loop cash management solution to automate and secure the handling of cash - from checkout through the back office to the cash processing center. It is a highly secure and efficient way to manage cash in any type of store.

SafeRecycling RS7 Lite

SafeRecycling RS7 Lite is a compact, self-service cash recycling solution for notes and coins in one complete terminal. The solution provides fast, efficient processing of large cash volumes, increasing efficiencies and security in retail operations.

SecureCash Pro

SecureCash Pro is a single note deposit solution using a cassette-based intelligent system. Notes are automatically registered, counted and deposited, minimizing the risks of robbery, burglary and internal theft. It is ideal for small retail businesses.

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