HuLoop Automation Inc.
HuLoop Automation Inc.
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Auburn, CA
United States
HuLoop Automation offers an AI-based, Codeless, Intelligent Automation Software Platform. HuLoop’s software solves real-world problems, for example, all retailers are challenged by an array of people problems, such as rising labor costs, internal cost-cutting measures, and talent scarcity due to the low unemployment rate. These challenges are occurring while 30% of current employee capacity is being wasted on mundane, repetitive tasks that can easily be automated. That's where HuLoop comes in. We provide a digital workforce to free up employees for more valuable work. • It’s radically simple, fast, and affordable. • It’s designed for non-technical users. • It’s for retailers of all sizes, whether large, medium, or small. • And it works with your existing technology, even legacy solutions. We believe that AI-based automation is no longer a choice; it's a necessity. And here's the kicker: for every $1 invested by retailers in HuLoop, can generate $20 in ROI. It's time to embrace the future of work with HuLoop. Website -