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Giftapart Inc.


Giftapart Inc.
Booth # 7028
Somerville, NJ
United States
Giftapart is simply the best place on Earth for gifting. And shopping. And socializing. And socializing about gifting. And talking about cool retailers and products. It’s an all-encompassing place for people and retailers to come together and share, and be part of one community. Reach, engage and sell to Gen Z’ers & millennial shoppers! The first truly retailer-friendly ecommerce marketplace, Giftapart provides an industry-first higher margin sales platform (really), gives retailers tools to directly notify users of promotions (right in their calendars), doesn’t allow third-party sellers (no counterfeit and margin gouging scoundrels), gives retailers control, protects retailers’ brands, and provides the world’s fairest ecommerce environment.